Meissa unveils technical PoC results at Aramco Asia Tech Conference 2023

2023.03.24 | Maeil Business Newspaper

Meissa (Younghun Kim, CEO), a Korean spatial data platform company, will showcase and share the insights of their digital twin solution’s application case to the plant construction site at the Aramco Asia Tech conference 2023.

At this conference organized by Aramco Asia, multiple key stakeholders of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms and Saudi Aramco, including the VPs, directors, project managers, and project engineers, etc. will attend. This conference has the main objective to introduce innovative technologies from technology solution providers that Aramco Asia selected and to explore the potential collaboration opportunities in Aramco’s ecosystem.

At the conference, Meissa will introduce its technology, as well as present the best practice of its Proof of Concept (PoC) project.

In the case of plant construction consisting of many facilities and parts, assembly-process steps are carefully subdivided and require high consistency with BIM (Building information modeling) data, which is 3D design data for each process step. However, obtaining accurate spatial data on the vast construction site has been challenging, and it is difficult to compare and contrast with the BIM data from the site. In this sense, Meissa has been carrying out projects to provide image data for each stage of the construction process by utilizing drones and automatically comparing it between design and construction through the matching function with BIM data.

Rachel Soomee Cho, who will give a pitch as Meissa's Chief Business Officer (CBO), said, “This PoC project demonstrates the value discovery capacity of Meissa, outside of the Republic of Korea, and in particular, this is the first Korean smart construction solution tested at the site.” In addition, Younghun Kim, the CEO of Meissa added, “Meissa showed remarkable results only after one year of commencing global businesses, proving our capacity of expanding business in the MENA region” 

Meissa, which started at Seoul National University in 2017, develops technology for mapping drone-based spatial data into three dimensions (3D). Meissa's core technologies include data optimization that efficiently stores and manages the big data of images or videos. Also, its technology enables computational optimization that speeds up the creation and utilization of spatial data.

It provides the services of digital construction surveying, site inspection and monitoring, and time series comparison by linking various data. In other words, it supports services such as 3D modeling and earthwork volume and area calculation. Builders can periodically inspect and monitor the construction sites in real time by integrating and automating construction site data.

7 out of 10 Korean top construction companies have deployed Melissa solutions by 2022. They’ve hit a sales growth rate of over 400% since the product launch and achieved a cumulative investment of around USD 8.4 million. 

In particular, after attracting an investment of approximately USD 2.3 million from KAI in April last year, it established a joint venture, ‘Meissa Planet,’ incorporating the New Space value chain. Also, Meissa will start attracting Series B2 investment in the second quarter of this year.