Basic Package

Reasonable package to introduce drones at construction sites in easy and light manner

 Recommended Customer

For those who want to try out drones for light purposes including filming and archiving the construction sites

For those who already have and can fly their own drones, having needs to experience and review parts of platform features

Offering Services

 ► All basic features included 
(drone shooting, ortho photos, and 3D model creation)

 ► Minimal, essential features for site digitalization

 ► Not-included: on-site technical support and education Included: e-mail and phone support

Offering Features

 Autonomous shooting of panoramic photo

Creation of 360’ panoramic photo

Creation of 2D ortho photos and 3D models

Comparison of the construction sites in time

* Earthwork calculation and survey features are not included

Pro Package

The essential package for professional drone usage at the construction site

Recommended Customer

For those who seek to fully utilize the diverse features of the platform for more efficient site management

For those who would like to save time and expenses spent on surveying and earthwork calculation

Offering Services

► Additional management features including automatic earthwork estimation, elevation map creation, coordinate-based design plan overlay

► Advanced platform features for optimized site management

Included: on-site technical support, e-mail and phone support

Offering Features

 Includes all features from the Basic package

Earthwork calculation and survey

Coordinate-based design plan overlay

Automatic elevation map creation

Coordinate-based BIM model view and adjustment

Premium Package

All-in-One package for a fully integrated, smart construction tech based site management program

 Recommended Customer

For those who seek to centralize management of various smart construction tech in one platform

For those who plan to establish a smart construction management system incorporating safety management

Offering Services

► Integrated platform for all construction site data 

(drone, BIM, IoT, CCTV, 360 camera)

► Advanced solutions including safety management

► Integrated platform that connects all data in the field

► Included: on-site technical support, e-mail and phone support

Offering Features

 Icludes all features from the Pro package

 Integrated dashboard for site management 

      construction progress, location tracking, CCTVstreaming, etc

 Real-time user-location based IoT/
     mobile safety solution

 Regular updates of new management features


How is the cost decided?

It depends on an area of a site. Our manager will answer sincerely if you make an inquiry of detailed conditions and estimates via email or call.

I have a low computer specification, can I still use it well?

You can use it on any device as long as it is connected to the Internet, and you can also use software that had been only available on high-specification computer in the past more conveniently and easily.

I have no experience on drone, can I still use it well?

After making contracts, education on flight and platform is proceeded with Meissa drone experts visiting the construction sites in person. You will get detailed instructions, allowing you to use drones easily and conveniently with only one day of education. Link containing guidelines will be also provided together.

If I want to use functions that will be developed in the future, do I need to pay extra cost?

Monthly subscription model provides with every function that will be developed in the future without any additional update and cost.

What is the difference between the 'Pro package' and 'Premium package'?

The two packages differ in the type of the smart construction technology available within the platform and in the scope of the solutions available. If you want to use only the core functions of the platform such as process monitoring and inspection based on drone data, we recommend the 'Pro package'. Further, if you want to utilize various smart construction technologies such as BIM, IoT, CCTV, and 360° camera integrally within the platform, and also additional on-site safety management solutions, we recommend the 'Premium package'. Premium package is being prepared and will be available shortly.

Who should consider using your solution?

Our monthly pricing model allows you to flexibly utilize functions required for each construction process step, from construction design and building completion.