We implement digital twin through multi-channel spatial data.


From Drones to Satellites

 Analysis and application of satellite data through collaboration with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) beyond drones, which had been innovation in spatial data collection


3D Mapping and AI

From 3D mapping core technology to reconstruct the collected 2D images into digital 3D model, to advanced AI technologies such as super-resolution, object detection, and change detection


No.1 Spatial Data Solution

Korea’s No.1 smart construction platform that connects the largest volume of spatial data from sources such as 3D point cloud, BIM, CCTV, and IoT into a single platform

Digitizing an actual space based on 3D mapping is the first step in building the digital twin.

Various Image Collection Channels, Including Drones

A number of collection channels that shows the construction sites intuitively, such as crane cameras, CCTVs, and 360 panoramic cameras, adding to drones 

Fast and Accurate

3D Modeling 

About 30 minutes of drone shooting and less than 5 hours of modeling. A quarter of a day, and you can see the vast construction site anytime, anywhere on your PC, mobile, etc.

The Most Efficient way

to digitize space 

Obtaining the precise value of the location data based on billions of x, y, z coordinate points reorganized with images from a single shooting

Real-time Dynamic Data on the Latest Drone Map

The real-time data of the construction workforce, equipment, and CCTV videos displayed on the latest aerial map, updated every drone shooting

Digitize your spatial data through technology cooperation with Meissa.