Lead the First step of Humanity with Spatial data

Easily capture any angle of your site, from the outdoor and indoor, with user friendly flight and walkthrough mobile applicationsthat help you create accurate digital maps and models.

Transform the real world into a Digital Environment
Our life experiences are moving very quickly into the digital environment. But a true digital twin that even goes beyond the constraints of time and space can be achieved by addressing the challenges of the diversity of the object and unstructuredness of the data

Diversity of Space 
and Object

Meissa engine include fast analysis of large amounts of data through data structuring and computational optimization.
of Data
Meissa engine runs on your infrastructure or on our secure cloud, powered by AWS.
Meissa’s vision for the future of digital twin
VISION " Lead the first step of humanity first step with spatial data "
MISSION " Rebuild the actual space in a quantifiable digital world, " providing various industries with insights and supporting their optimal decision-making.
What makes Meissa different?
Meissa is in possession of technology for collecting and integrating various spatial data centered on drones, technology for standardizing spatial data based on 3D Reconstruction, and technology for optimizing data storage, management, and computation

Smart Construction Platform

3D Mapping Engine

Integration of the largest number of data channels

Establishment of a Joint Venture with KAI
(Korea Aerospace Industries)

Partners & Clients

“We were able to easily compare plans against actual progress. The best part was that everything could done remotely, without having to visit the site.”

HDC Hyundai Development Company | Highway Construction Site

Digitize your spatial data technology cooperation with Meissa