Civil Earthwork Calculation

With Meisa Platform, you can easily check accurate surveying results with just a few mouse clicks, based on data collected by drones. Meisa Platform provides accurate on-site inspection with an error of less than 2cm in the x and y axes, and 6cm in the z axis

Meissa Civil
Meissa Civil is an automatic earthwork calculation system that integrates drone image analysis algorithms with the existing average end area method.

Accurate quantity estimation

You can calculate earthwork and material quantities by grade and rock quality anytime and anywhere.
Easy earthwork 
It is possible to calculate earthwork quantities by zoning and generate earthwork tables
Efficient earthwork crossing management
You can manage earthwork crossings on the latest site orthophotos

Accurate quantity estimation

You can check the cut and fill quantities of a specific area against the design elevation. In addition, when you upload rock data, you can also calculate the quantities according to the rock quality.

Easy earthwork management
You can manage the time-series volumetric quantities for each zoning area. You can easily view the data on the platform and easily download it to Excel for use as reporting data.

Efficient earthwork crossing management

Existing zoning sectional lines managed in CAD can be efficiently managed on the latest site orthophotos as needed.

Other auxiliary functions
DSM can be used to quickly make decisions on construction plans that utilize the elevation difference of a large site, such as drainage and equipment route setting. You can check the measurement values of the required locations without having to go to the site directly, which can significantly reduce the time.

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