Workflow Innovation

Complete your worksite analysis using Meissa Cloud
the easiest and fastest way to digitalize your workflow

Monitor your site and site changes remotely

Monitor your worksite remotely in 2D maps, 3D models, 360 panoramas and videos in one single platform.
Check your site changes and progress of your construction work by dates.

Compare your site with drawings
Compare as-built to as-drawing with drawing overlay functions (2D CAD, 3D BIM drawings) and effectively manage progress of your construction site. Prevent any construction errors and fix your construction work by always comparing up-to-date map and drawings.

Measure every part of your site accurately and quickly

Accurately measure distance and compare cross-sectional elevation level of the site. Evaluate progress and validate work with Earthworks calculation. Receive customized report for earthwork calculation through Meissa Civil.

Communicate with multiple stakeholders through most up-to-date map of your site
Easily and efficiently handle issues by sharing the link for 2D/3D maps and using Meissa platform. Keep multiple stakeholders on the same page with annotation, measurement, the latest version of data on your job site. Archive your site data to manage digital asset of your site as evidence for possible legal issues.

“We were able to easily compare plans against actual progress. The best part was that everything could done remotely, without having to visit the site.”

HDC Hyundai Development Company | Highway Construction Site

Digitize your spatial data technology cooperation with Meissa